Everything you need to know about signing up to MANvFAT Challenge

What is MAN v FAT Challenge?
What is MAN v FAT Challenge?

MAN v FAT Challenge is an online-only weight loss platform exclusively for men who want to lose weight. 

Created by the team behind MAN v FAT Football, we've taken what we know works for successful weight loss and created a weight loss community that helps you lose weight wherever you are, whenever you need it.

When you sign up, you're assigned to a team and introduced to your dedicated MAN v FAT Challenge coach. Together with your team, you'll complete weekly challenges centred around food and exercise. Going head to head with other teams in your Challenge group, you'll earn points that will see you rocketing up the leaderboard.

With weekly weigh-ins, a support network and all the tools you need to lose weight, MAN v FAT Challenge is everything you need to create long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes.


How much does it cost?

Membership of MAN v FAT Challenge is £23 per month, which is taken by our payment provider Stripe.

In certain areas, we do have funded MAN v FAT Challenge places available! This means that the first fourteen weeks of your time with us are covered by your local authority.

If you live in one of the following areas, you are entitled to a funded spot!

Bath & NE Somerset, East Sussex, Kensington & Chelsea, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, South Gloucestershire, Surrey, Westminster.


When will my subscription payments start?

Once you've signed up and paid your registration fee, your subscription payments won't start until you've been assigned to a team. After this happens, your payments will be taken at around the same date every month. 

The Programme
Introduction video

We've put together a short video to give you an introduction to MAN v FAT Challenge, check it out here: https://youtu.be/8btr-qSUqHE


What do I get for my membership?
  • 12 weeks per season of weight loss support from your coach and teammates.
  • Weekly challenges based on our 3 core principles: nutrition, exercise and healthy habits.
  • Your own member's area, where you will be able to upload evidence of your challenges, track your food and exercise, see your progress and earn achievement badges for your achievements.
  • A weekly progress email outlining your weight loss and targets.
  • Access to our exclusive MAN v FAT Community Facebook group where you can chat to other members and take part in MAN v FAT live talks with weight loss and fitness experts.
  • Regular MAN v FAT newsletters and pro content where you can see other men’s stories and get hints and tips to help you along the way.
  • The MAN v FAT Podcast, where we talk all things weight loss.
  • Exclusive access to SilverCloud, a digital mental health platform that uses the principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy to provide self-paced support with mental health issues.
  • Exclusive access to The Other Room virtual gym, a digital platform featuring online exercise classes for all abilities run by qualified personal trainers.
How do the challenges help with my weight loss?

Each week you'll receive two different challenges to complete. Completing these challenges earns points for your team.

MAN v FAT Challenge is built around 3 key principles:

Nutrition – you'll be challenged each week to create a meal from scratch, centered around a theme. If you're thinking that's way beyond your skill set, don't panic! We're not all Gordon Ramseys here, the nutrition challenges are more about adding a bit of variety and fun to your weekly meal plans, whether you're plating up Michelin star-worthy grub or something decidedly homemade-looking. We've heard from many MAN v FAT Challenge members that the weekly nutrition challenges have taken them from not even being able to boil an egg to eating well 7 days a week without compromising on taste.

You'll be able to upload picture evidence to your member's area to earn points for your team, and each team's best dish can be put forward to earn bonus points.

Exercise – you'll also receive a weekly exercise challenge to complete 3 x 30 mins or 5 x 30 mins of exercise over 7 days. We're keen that MAN v FAT Challenge is accessible for everyone, so if you're worried about your fitness levels or are unable to complete some fitness challenges, don't worry - you can absolutely still join in. None of us are Olympic-level athletes and we don't expect you to be! It's all about just doing your best.

You'll earn points for completing your exercise sessions. We set a different exercise focus every week to keep things interesting, so for example, one week we might ask you to complete a boxing session via our virtual gym, or we might challenge you to try an exercise you've never tried before. You'll earn points for sticking to the exercise focus too. But we'd never expect you to shell out for obscure exercise equipment for a challenge! 

Building healthy habits – you'll also earn points for tracking food, exercise and water intake each week. You'll have access to your own personal member's area, where you'll be able to set goals and targets, earn achievements, and track your progress.

When/how do I weigh in?
Your division will have a specific weigh-in day, and you'll have until midnight GMT to upload a picture of your weight. 
When/how do I prove I've completed each Challenge?
You'll have to midnight on your weigh-in day to upload picture proof of you completing each challenge to your personal member's area dashboard. It varies depending on what the challenge is, but we have members who snap pics of their meals, take a sweaty selfie mid-exercise or take a screenshot of their exercise tracker.
Do I have to be located in the UK to take part?

No! Although the majority of our members are based in the UK, we have members who are based in other countries too. As everything is done online, it doesn't matter where in the world you are.

Is this MAN v FAT Football?
Is MAN v FAT Challenge the same as MAN v FAT Football?

No! Please note that MAN v FAT Challenge is not the same as MAN v FAT Football and you will not be assigned to a MAN v FAT Football league by signing up for MAN v FAT Challenge.

MAN v FAT Challenge is our online-only weight loss programme which allows men all over the world to team up and compete against others to lose weight. There is no football involved. If you want to sign up for MAN v FAT Football, please visit the MAN v FAT Football website HERE.

Next Steps
I've just joined - what happens next?

You'll get a welcome email after signing up which should answer all of your questions! If you've signed up and paid your registration fee but still haven't received it, please check your spam or promotions folder. If you still can't find it, send us an email at challenge@manvfat.com.

You'll be assigned to a team and added to your team's WhatsApp group, which is a fantastic way to get to know your teammates and to give and receive support from guys who are in exactly the same boat as you.

What will happen when I join my team?

You'll be sent a link via email for your team's WhatsApp group. Once you've joined it, introduce yourself and get to know your teammates as they'll be your support system throughout your weight loss journey. 

Do I have to wait till next season to be assigned to a team?
No! You can join MAN v FAT Challenge at any point.
When will I be assigned to a team?

You'll be assigned to a team by your coach when there is a place available. You'll then get an email confirming your team details and a welcome email from your coach.

I have another question

MAN v FAT Challenge is still new, so we need you to ask us questions (frequently) to help us create our FAQ! 

Give us a call on 0345 163 0042 or email us at challenge@manvfat.com and we’ll do our best to help.


Weight loss is a personal thing, and we completely understand if you still have questions.
Arrange a call with our Player Support Team and they’ll call you at a time that suits you

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